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Help Improve The Visitor Statistics With A Keyword Rank Tracker

Running a website is very time consuming, and so it is not unusual to ignore certain aspects of it. I know from my own experience that checking search engine results usually comes bottom of the list, as making sure that the site is running, looks good, and has regular updates, seems to be the most important things to do. Now of course these things need to be done, but they are no use if the site is not bringing in any traffic. To do that I learnt all I could about keywords, and then started to use a keyword rank tracker.

What this software does is to discover how each keyword ranks in the major search engines, such as Google and Bing. This is very powerful information, and it can then be used to improve a site's ranking. A few tweaks to my site a few weeks ago has already seen good results. I now spend at least an hour a week doing keyword research, and give them to my staff to put into articles that they will publish online. From that point on, I then track those keywords using the rank tracker.

What Are The SERPs?

You don't have to spend much time in the SEO world at all to run into the abbreviation SERP. SERP stands for Search Engine Rankings Page and refers to all the websites that are on a certain page (normally 10 per). The reason this is important is someone stuck on the 4th page of the SERPs is in the 40-50 range as far as rankings, and it is safe to say that person gets virtually no traffic at all.

On the other hand, if you are on the first page of the SERPs then your SEO efforts are doing exactly what you want them to be doing. In that situation you will have plenty of searchers finding your website and you will get more traffic, more attention, and more customers as a result. That's a winning situation when you can get the numbers fully stacking up in your favor.

The rankings are going to be determined by the search engines, but a proper optimization campaign is what can get you from lost without a hope of being discovered up to a major traffic area. Watching who is ranking on the pages and what they are doing to get there is a critical part of SEO.


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